You play these slots on your phone, desktop and tablet. Online slots are available on several casinos such as . These games are very simple to play and have very few rules. Continue reading this review.

Workings of slots

Classic slots have just 2 or 3 reels. You can win some money when you land a winning combination of symbols on these reels. Video slots are somewhat more complicated and have several symbols and winning possibilities.

  • Slots can be played for free or real money

Slots are described according to their Return to Player and volatility. High RTP slots are definitely more profitable. Slot volatility defines the magnitude of profitability in a given period. High volatility slots can make you richer very quickly.

Slots and their symbols

Classic slots are marked by bells, whistles, candies, bars, 7s, etc. Every symbol has a different value. Different symbol combinations have different values. Video slots have two sets of symbols, each set having a different value.

Typically, the low value ones include the top cards of a suite ( A, K,Q, K, J or 10). The high value symbols are aligned to that slot's theme. Some online slots have special symbols.

Special symbols in slots

Wilds are those symbols that substitute for the missing ones in a winning convention. Not every slot has a Wild; check your slot's pay table to find whether you have a Wild. Some slots have Scatters.

Scatters trigger bonus features and free spins. With a free spin or a bonus round, you can land fantastic amounts of money in the advanced versions of your game. Check your pay table to find your Scatters.

  • Never lay stakes on public Wi-Fi.

RTPs and Volatility

Look out for your slot's RTP. Return to Player percentage tells you the attractiveness of a slot. This metric means the percentage of your investment on a slot what will come back to you over a period.

Pick up slots that have low to medium volatility. If you have a high appetite for risk, you can select slots that have high volatility. It all depends upon how much loss you can bear .

  • Some slots have low and high RTPs.

Are online slots fair?

All online slots on licenced casinos are fair and transparent. These games can't be manipulated. Online slots are run by Random Number Generators that are actually virtual computers. The results of these machines can't be changed.

Always play slots on licenced casinos. These websites are safe, secure and fair. Licenced gambling websites have to follow all the rules set by gambling regulators. You can get the licensing information on your casino's home page.